Not every soda maker is built the same. While most models do a fine job of carbonating water, the best ones are easy to use…and look great on your countertop.

For those looking to invest in a soda maker and devest in your storebought seltzer consumption, you’re in luck. Right now, our favorite model, from SodaStream, is 40{ebea9d5847bd78db73673675e8a4786d1e11955363e2960615a0efdb904da7cb} off.

Serious Eats / Jesse Raub

to buy: SodaStream Art Soda Maker was $150, now $90 at

Why It Won Our Review

When we tested soda makers, many of the models made similarly bubbly water and held their carbonation for 24 hours. And while The SodaStream Art produced slightly finer bubbles than the competition (which we liked), it was its usability features that made it stand out. To start, the back of the Art flips outwards for easy CO2 canister insertion. Other models required you to tilt the soda maker or lay it on its side to insert the canister, both of which felt awkward. We also really liked the lever on the Art: it was easier to feel the amount of carbonation with each pull versus the push of a button—and it gave the machine a sleek retro look.

Really, its only downside is its price, as it’s more expensive than the other models we tested. Now that it’s on sale, though, it’s a great deal we think any sparkling water fan should snag.

Good to Know:


What bottles work with the SodaStream Art?

The SodaStream Art is compatible with any of the plastic SodaSteam bottles, including the slim 1-liter bottles, the classic 1-liter bottles, and the half-liter plastic bottles. The only ones that aren’t compatible with the Art are the glass bottles that are designed for the Aqua Fizz.

What’s the difference between the SodaSteam Art and other models?

The main difference between the SodaStream Art and other models (like the Jet and the Terra) is that the Art features a lever to trigger CO2 infusions while other models use buttons. In our testing, the lever was easier to control and gave us a better gauge of how much carbonation was added with each pull.