What’s the best gear for a small kitchen?

The best kitchen gear is the thing you’ll use often, and that applies no matter the size of your kitchen. But when it comes to smaller spaces, you may want to consider downsizing to more compact versions of certain essentials—say, a 4-quart Dutch oven instead of a 7-quart one, a single-serve coffee maker vs. a full-sized machine—or looking for tools that can do multiple jobs.

What’s the best way to store kitchen gadgets?

Here at Serious Eats, we’re big fans of metro racks, which are strong enough to hold your heaviest kitchen equipment but can also keep smaller appliances and tools organized. They’re especially great at bringing additional storage space to tiny kitchens that don’t typically have a ton of shelving or cabinetry to begin with.

If storage space is lacking, also consider optimizing your walls. For example, put up a magnetic knife strip for cutlery. Not only is it space efficient, but it also offers the most flexibility. Strips are sold at various lengths and, unlike an unwieldy knife block, you never have to worry that a knife won’t fit the slots. You can also opt for a hanging pot rack, which gives you easy access to cookware and saves you time from rummaging around looking for the right pot or pan.