When we launched our Five Two line in 2018, we didn’t know its products would be some of our best-selling community favorites year after year. We shouldn’t be surprised, though. The thing that makes each Five Two product so special is the attention to detail, care and collaboration with you, our community members, that goes into the design process for each and every piece.

In honor of our Community Celebration Week, which officially kicks off on May 2 (5/2…Five Two…get it?), we’ve got a big sale going on. In fact, everything from the line is on sale for anywhere from 25 to 70 percent off right now. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve narrowed down 15 of our Five Two favorites. From kitchen tools and table linens to cookware and baking accessories, here are some of our top picks that are on sale right now.

Photo by Rocky Luten

1. Five Two Essential Roasting Rack & Pan, $149 $100

Before designing this roasting duo, we asked our community what they wanted out of a roasting pan. We scoured over decades of kitchen know-how, read through thousands of brilliant opinions from our community of home cooks, and did countless rounds of testing to get it all right. Now, we have a roasting rack and pan set that will help you get a perfectly crisp roast every time.

Photo by Julia Gartland

2. Five Two Ultimate Apron with Built-In Pot Holders, $45 $25+

This apron is the champion of multitasking. Not only does it have built-in pot holders, but it also features an adjustable neck strap, a loop for easy hanging, deep pockets, extra-long waist ties, and a conversion chart.

Photo by Rocky Luten

3. Five Two by GreenPan Essential Stock Pot, $119 $80

This stock pot is oven- and broiler-safe up to 600°F and has a tempered glass lid that’s safe up to 390°F. It’s the perfect vessel for cooking your favorite soups, stews, and chili.

Photo by Rocky Luten

4. Five Two Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths, $29.99 $25

Cut down on the amount of single-use products in your home by swapping regular paper towels for these compostable sponge cleaning cloths. They’re super absorbent, streak- and lint-free, and each cloth can be used up to 300 times before needing to reach for a new one.

Photo by Rocky Luten

5. Five Two Ultimate Carbon Steel Wok, $120 $65

If you’ve never owned a wok, it’s time to fix that. This carbon-steel pan is non-stick and designed for high-temperature cooking. Whether you’re stir-frying, boiling, sautéing, or braising, it’s got you covered.

Photo by Rocky Luten

6. Five Two Over-the-Sink Dish Drying Rack, $45 $30+

This space-saving dish rack will not only dry your dishes, but it can also step in as a cooling rack, trivet, and mini-colander, too. It’s essentially the Swiss Army Knife of the kitchen.

Photo by Rocky Luten

7. Five Two Silicone Oven Mitts (Set of 2), $40 $25+

These best-selling mitts come in five colors, have magnets and hooks for easy hanging, are machine-washable, and feature a longer design to protect your arms more than other oven mitts might.

Photo by Julia Gartland

8. Five Two Everyday Soft Cotton Cloth Napkins, $30 $25+

These cotton napkins are exceptionally soft, hard to wrinkle, machine washable, and come in an assortment of colors to choose from. What’s not to love?

Photo by Rocky Luten

9. Five Two Bench Scrapers, $15 $13

This bench scraper is ideal for anyone who works with dough often. It helps with measuring, cutting, and cleaning up. It was even called an at-home baking essential by a former pastry pro, Pippa Allen.

Photo by Rocky Luten

10. Five Two Everyday Soft Cotton Table Runner, $45 $25+

Spruce up your spring table design with this table runner. Like the cloth napkins, this table accessory is available in an assortment of colors, machine washable, and soft as can be.

Photo by Julia Gartland

11. Five Two Batter Up Silicone Baking Cups (Set of 12), $13 $10

Cut down baking waste with these reusable silicone baking cups. They’re flexible, can help you build a more eco-conscious kitchen, and even have a fill-line indicator and pull tabs to simplify everyday use.

Photo by Ty Mecham

12. Five Two Bamboo Double Sided Cutting Board, $30+ $20+

Our thick, sturdy cutting board comes in three sizes: The Big Deal, The Happy Medium, and The Little Wonder. It even goes above and beyond with extras like a juice groove and a phone slot.

Photo by Rocky Luten

13. Five Two Everyday Soft Cotton Placemats, $39 $25

These cotton placemats will round out your dinner table, especially when paired with the matching napkins and table runner we showcased above. Add some texture and layers to your table with these beauties.

Photo by Rocky Luten

14. Five Two by GreenPan Essential Nonstick Skillets, $69+ $35+

If you’ve been looking for the perfect nonstick skillet, this just might be it. This cookware staple comes in three sizes to choose from, features a tough nonstick coating, and has handles that’ll stay cool while you’re cooking.

Photo by Rocky Luten

15. Five Two Essential Kitchen Knives, $39+ $29+

A cook is only as good as their knives are sharp. Replace your old, dull, lifeless knife with one of these— they’re known for their sharpness, balanced weight, and eye-catching colors. You can choose to chop with a chef’s knife, serrated knife, or paring knife.

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